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Bill, thanks so much for teaching us how to take care of our health.  We finished your blood cleanser program and feel great! My husband and I purchased the program after we sat with you and saw how unclean our blood was.  We realized right away that we needed to take action to prevent serious health issues down the road.  Your blood cleanser helped us to flush out our system.  We have more energy now and are confident about cleanliness of our blood.  And, as a bonus side effect, I lost 20 pounds and my husband lost 30 !.  We continue to eat foods that are right for our blood type and we feel great! Thanks Bill!



Bill: One of the great things that people need to hear are testimonies and this is a credit to what you are doing.  Yesterday I was at my local men’s shop and the chap that looks after to me said the following....Are you losing weight....Your jacket in the tops of the shoulder is hanging down. 
Bill this morning I stepped on the scales at 186.5 down from almost 200.  Be encouraged my the saying goes...slow and steady wins the race.  All that you coming to pass....



On 2 April 2001, I had a Live Blood Cell Analysis done, because over the past decade I had slowly gained 38 pounds and was continually bloated.  The shock I experienced at seeing how my blood looked (the free radicals, parasites, chemicals like mercury and the amount of acid in my body) made me change my lifestyle.  Over the past four years, Bill Allin has guided me through the many highs and lows I have experienced as my body expels the toxins accumulated over my lifetime. 

The years have not been easy.  I have had to deal with skin and digestive problems caused primarily by food allergies.  With his help, I am slowly cleaning up my system.  My  108-pound frame is wonderful.  I now fit into my outfits I bought 15 years ago.  Bill also advised me to get back into physical exercise so I joined Goodlife and workout regularly.  He also taught me to meditate properly so I can reduce my stress load. 

There us no magic formula to keep me healthy, just hard work.  The rewards though, are great.  I have my figure back, I'm more energetic and confident of myself, and more importantly I am at peace with myself.

Toronto, ON, Canada

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