Statin Drug Dangers
Chelation to lower cholesterol

The Cottage Clinic is part of Nutek Health Systems. For over 35 years we’ve been creating all-natural treatment and recovery programs.


Our programs have been developed from a broad spectrum of world-class, integrated conventional and complementary therapies. They are designed to improve your body’s chances of achieving its natural, healthy state of balance. 


We custom make our program for you – because we believe that every technique has validity within specific boundaries, so we choose what will obtain maximum results in the minimum time possible. It’s because we care about what works for you.


With our 35 years of experience, we know when and how to safely combine the multitude of available therapies, so that your body’s immunity gets strengthened and is then able to heal itself.


We bring together some of the finest international therapies, so that you can get the best alternative care in Canada – oxygen and ozone therapies, photon light therapy, intracellular heat therapy, chelation, herbal detoxification formulas, selective metabolic stimulation / enhancement, intravenous nutrition…and more.



Bill Allin is the director of Nutek Health Systems. He is well known for his expertise in functional nutrition and life extension and for his revolutionary approach to health and living.

His qualifications are impressive – certifications from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Advanced Live Cell Microscopy; by the Holistic University of Arizona in Clinical Hematology and Clinical Homeopathy. He is also a Master Herbalist. For over 30 years, Bill has been a leader in life extension and functional nutrition. Today, Bill consults with a number of doctors, physicians and naturopaths; and he also spends a lot of time teaching and writing.

Bill has a unique approach to health and healing. He integrates the eastern “cause and effect” philosophy with a western way of life. When treating his clients, Bill helps to deal with the root cause of disease rather than managing the symptoms alone. This truly results in a healthy and successful life.

Watch Bill Allin talk about the new Metabolic Health Program

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